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HOME STAGING: Tips to Create Curb Appeal for Autumn

If you’re selling your home this fall, you must focus on curb appeal. First impressions are everything for buyers and how your curb looks can determine if your home sells or not. Don’t spend a lot of resources and time sprucing up your interior and ignore the exterior. Make homebuyers fall in love with your home from the get-go with these tips.

Decorate With Fall Flowers and Elements

Flowers add a splash of color to an exterior. While it may be cold outdoors, your exterior can still look beautiful. Plant flowers like camellias, dahlias, pansies, and chrysanthemums in window boxes, porch containers, and front beds.

Decorate with fall elements like pumpkins, bittersweet, deer sheds, pinecones, leaves, and gourds. But limit the décor and avoid going over the top. If you overdecorate your porch, it will be distracting instead of beautiful.

Make the Area Warm and Inviting

The last thing your porch should be is dull. Make the area cozy by adding comfy porch furniture and an outdoor rug. Select neutral-colored furniture that most people find attractive. For a dramatic effect, you can add brightly colored pillows. Use color sparingly to create a beautiful porch that attracts all homebuyers. Also choose décor objects carefully and make sure they harmonize.

Brighten Up the Front Door with Paint

Prospective homebuyers see your front door as they drive by or walk by. It is the focal point of your exterior. Refresh it with paint and also change its hardware to enhance its appeal. But don’t choose a neutral paint color because a front door is supposed to draw attention.

Paint the door a different color from the exterior walls to make it stand out. Add a wreath made of fall flowers or foliage to accentuate it. You can also get a new doormat.

Spruce Up the Lawn with Mulch

Mulch protects grass roots from frost in fall and helps grass to retain moisture in winter. Add it to the bare spots on your lawn and around trees and shrubs. But be sure to get mulch from your local garden center as municipal mulch may contain disease spores. Cheap mulch usually comes from sickly trees and the diseases can linger in the mulch and affect your grass.

You can also get colored mulch that works well with the style of your home. To add pizzazz to your landscaping, incorporate wood-type ground covers like pine bark or pine nuggets. These larger pieces of wood spell “fall” as they add rustic charm.

According to the National Association of Realtors, most homebuyers drive by a home before deciding whether to book a showing or not. As they drive by, the façade is the first thing they see. Make sure your home gives potential buyers a great first impression. You’ll be sure to win them over.

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