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Whether you have just moved to your new house or want to update your home décor, there are several design tips that designers use that you can easily employ with minimal cost and effort. Sometimes the little things make the most significant impact. It could be using decorative accessories like candles, throw pillows or books. If you want to add warmth to your living room, make a room brighter, or soften your walls, consider some of these smart interior design tips and learn how they can inspire you!

Throw Pillows
Styling your couch, chair or bed with throw pillows is fun. With endless ideas, it is easy to get the perfect throw pillow for your space. Unique throw pillow colors, styles, and arrangements can assist you in enlivening even the most boring of rooms in your house and forming an inviting environment.

Decorative Candles

Decorative candles can be an excellent décor accessory that provide a strange glow, coziness and warmth into any decorative style. There are many elegant light fixtures in the market, but candles, in attractive holders and/or great candles centerpieces are exceptional to any home decor for providing a romantic interior and adding vintage style to your rooms.

Coffee Table Accessories

You can also use what you already have to decorate. Instead of shopping for something new, consider reusing what you already have. Silver, metal, acrylic, wood, trays or books can be put on top of coffee tables, trunks and luggage racks for extra dimension and texture.

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