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You spend most of your waking hours in your home, so it should be warm and cozy at all times. It should be so comfortable you can relax anytime you want without having to change anything. The good news is it doesn’t take much to make your home inviting and comfortable. If you want to update your fall home decor as temperatures drop outside, here’s how to go about it.

Hang Heavy Window Treatments for Visual Warmth
If you had hung sheer linen curtains in summer, consider replacing them with velvet drapes or any heavy window treatments with a thermal lining. They will not only make the space look cozy and warm, they will also insulate rooms by preventing cold air from getting in through old windows at nighttime. Heavy draperies are like a warm sweater, they are perfect for the chilly weather. They soften a room and make it look grand. During the colder months of fall and winter, they block drafts and keep rooms warm.

Add Throws Blankets and Pillows to Furniture
This is, without a doubt, one of the best fall decorating ideas. Throw pillows instantly make a room cozier and comfy. A comfy sofa with throw pillows invites you to sit down and relax. You can get big furry pillows for your sofa or simply change the covers on your existing pillows.
Throws instantly make a space look warmer, even if they are not being used. Drape them over chairs and sofas to offer quick access to extra warmth. Faux fur blankets add a sense of luxury, cable-knit throws add a homely touch, and sheepskins add instant warmth.

Change the Lighting Fixtures in your Home Decor
As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, it’s very tempting to go to bed earlier. While you can resist the temptation, it’s hard without the right lighting. To give your home a nice, warm glow, integrate different types of lights. When you have many light fixtures with separate switches, you can control how bright or dim the space is.

Incorporate wall sconces and lamps as you can control how many light fixtures are on at the same time and also control where the light comes from. Put LED lights with warm tones in table lamps for a candle-lit glow that will help you to stay awake.

Update Your Bedding for a Cozy Bedroom
Nothing feels as good as sinking into a comfy bed at the end of a long day. Cotton and linen bedding is perfect for the summer months, but flannel and jersey are the go-to materials for winter. Replace your beautiful satin sheets with ones that will maintain the warmth.
The quickest way to make your bedroom warm and inviting is by adding layers. Layer the beds with jersey or flannel bed sheets and comforters. You can also add several pillows in different shapes.

Fall and winter interior design is all about creating a warm and cozy home. If your home is inviting, it beckons to visitors and lingers in their minds long after they have left it – it is an enjoyable, memorable place. And if your home is inviting to guests, it is even more inviting to you. Make the most of these fall home decor ideas and transform your home.

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